Our Approach

In our Western culture, we often view sickness, injury, and pain as “happening” to us.

When we believe our health, our bodies, and our physical and mental well-being are out of our hands, we often feel helpless.

There is another way!

At Rainbow Medical, we know that the key to living with and overcoming the debilitating effects of chronic pain is regaining the ability to participate actively in your life. Our goal is not only to help you alleviate and cope with chronic pain, but also to help you get your life back. You can find joy in living again!

How We Can Help

  • We provide medical and treatment information, support, treatment options, and the impetus you need to become the active agent in your treatment and recovery.
  • We teach you about your condition: diagnoses and various treatment options and their risks, benefits, and likelihood of success.
  • We help you get actively involved in your healing. We will ask you to incorporate appropriate physical exercise into your lifestyle and ask you to consider other lifestyle changes such as stress management techniques.
  • We offer a variety of approaches, including not only traditional Western medical treatment such as medication, surgery, and psychotherapy, but also complementary and alternative practices such as nutritional and dietary changes, acupuncture, body work therapies, and chiropractic techniques.
  • We urge you to explore the options available. Not all treatments or lifestyle changes are for everyone, but everyone will find one or more practices that can turn around the hopelessness and depression that so often accompany the experience of chronic pain.

To go for medical help and end up feeling like a collection of dysfunctional body parts can be a debilitating experience. At Rainbow Medical we strive to know and to treat you as a whole person who happens to be dealing with pain.

One of the most important things we do is listen.

  • We learn about your symptoms and your overall health and your medical history.
  • We find out what other challenges you may be facing and how pain is affecting your quality of life. For example, if you are not sleeping well, in addition to your inability to lie down comfortably due to pain, you may be worrying over other issues such as money, difficult relationships, distressing emotions, and troubles at work.
  • We work with you to address the challenges you face. Regardless of the source, chronic pain can affect your life on every level: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. If you are watching your life deteriorate under the pressure of coping with chronic pain, you may also be suffering needlessly with the added burdens of despair, depression, and hopelessness.
  • We give you options. Western medicine can provide help in alleviating symptoms, using pain medications, surgery, and physical therapy, but typically that is not enough. As you actively explore other options open to you, you will find that you are once again engaged in your life. By expanding your boundaries to include new and old activities, new and old friends, and an ever-expanding horizon, you will find you have embarked on an unexpected adventure, a quest to recover and to enjoy a new zest for life.

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