Other Resources

Here, in alphabetical order, is a short list of trusted, compassionate, and competent providers, all of whom we recommend enthusiastically. We are actively seeking to network with other providers with similar interests, along with complementary skills and knowledge.

Adria Amenti, LAc. Acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine student extraordinaire! Palo Alto. www.drheshmat.com, 650-470-0008.

Jack Bourla, D.C. Incredible chiropractor, healer, friend, Redwood City. www.drjackbourla.com, 650-365-1473.

Renee Burgard. MBSR teacher, psychotherapist, wonderful human being, Palo Alto. 650-269-4807.

Jean Couch, The Balance Center, Palo Alto. Learn to sit, stand,  & live in balance. If you have back pain, take her class! www.balancecenter.com, 650-856-2000.

Sally Chappel Reese, MFT. MBSR teacher, psychotherapist, dear friend, Fremont. 510-494-1400.

Karen Cougar. Massage therapist, healer, Realtor. The BEST!!! 650-740-7686.

Gerda Endemann, Ph.D.,  Nutrition Education. , http://www.HealthyFat.com. 650-814-4914.

Mary Ann Furda, D.C. Excellent chiropractor & health educator, Palo Alto. 650-322-5112.

Gabriele Hilberg, Ph.D., MFT. Psychotherapist & healer with particular skills in working with trauma, Mountain View. www.GabrieleHilberg.com, 650-314-0133.

Lewis Sachs, Ph.D. Psychologist, hypnotherapist, incredible human being, Los Altos Hills. 650-949-3950.

Cynthia Sholes, Ph.D., MdH. Neuroscientist, NET, hypnotherapist. Brilliant, warm friend. Redwood City. www.MindWaveInstitute.com, 650-704-1252.

Bob Stahl, Ph.D. Mindfulness teacher. Wonderful! www.mindfulnessprograms.com, 831-469-3338.

Nicholas Zirpolo, Ph.D., Psychologist, coach, brilliant & compassionate teacher. Palo Alto. 650-494-1215.